Types of Life Insurance Policies you would want to Invest on!!

When you invest in Life Insurance Policies, you are offered an option to choose from two categories, Term Life Insurance or Permanent Life Insurance. Term Life Insurance is something that you would invest in when you don’t want long term capital gain, where as in Permanent Life Insurance there is no time limit and you carry on paying the premium till your demise. Life Insurance Policies on the whole are governed by the tenure of the policy, the cover they provide, the premium amount that is to be paid and the advantages that they offer. However they vary from company to company.

Term Life Insurance as mentioned is a policy where in you keep paying your premium for a stipulated period of time. After the tenure is over the accumulated some is handed over to you. You could also opt to renew these policies once their term expires, by paying nominal revised premiums (higher in most cases). The two major diversification of this type of policy are Group Term Life Insurance and Level Term Life Insurance. Group term Life Insurance is usually taken by an employer for his employees, where in the employer pays on behalf of his employees by reducing that particular amount from their salary. For level term insurance the insured selects a particular period and pay premiums for the selected period. The policy automatically matures at the end of the selected period. Once you select the term say 5-10 or 15 years you cannot alter it. This type of insurance is ideal for those people who are not able to make long term financial plans.

Permanent Life Insurance is an expansive policy where the premiums are paid as long as you want to enforce the policy. In a permanent Life Insurance policy you pay premiums for an indefinite period irrespective of the fact they exceed the amount to be distributed to your dependents in case of death. The premium amount that is accumulated is deposited in a separate account. If the company performs well the deposit yields higher returns and a share is periodically dispatched to you. If the insurer decides to retain the profits made from your investment with him then you are not required to pay income tax for that amount. There is a possibility like, when you withdraw certain amount of money within the given limit you need not pay income tax for that amount. But when you deposit money in the bank you have to pay income tax irrespective of the fact you utilize it or not. So in a way it’s a tax saving instrument.

Other types of prominent insurance policies include Family Life Insurance, Whole Life Insurance & Joint Life Insurance. Family Life Insurance is a scheme that is similar to group life insurance. Here all the members of your family (mainly wife and unemployed/unmarried children) are covered. Whole Life Insurance is a type of permanent Life Insurance policy where the individual receives Life insurance coverage through out his Life. All he has got to do is to be prompt in making his premium payments. He has to pay till a certain age and be covered through out his life. Joint life insurance policies are policies that enables two individuals to be protected, but the full value of the policy is paid only once at the time of either insurer’s death. This is also referred to as the joint first to die clause. With most Insurance Companies coming up with schemes every now and then, the Insurance Sector is establishing itself as one of the most prosperous markets in modern times.


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